Timber Fencing Styles

Timber fencing is affordable and adaptable to all property styles, ages, and sizes. Whether you’re thinking of installing a timber fence for more privacy, noise reduction, keeping pets and kids in, or keeping intruders out, choosing a functional fence that compliments your home and landscaping is important. In this guide, we’ll run you through the most popular timber fencing styles to help you make the best decision for your property.

Standard Paling Fence

This popular timber fencing style is commonly used for property boundary fencing. It offers a cost-effective solution for privacy and security. With its minimalist appearance, it blends well with various landscape designs.

Vertical palings are wooden panels placed side by side, and they are connected using either two or three horizontal pine beams. These beams, also known as rails, are attached to treated pine posts at regular intervals to provide additional strength and support.

Over time, timber panels may shrink slightly, leading to the development of small gaps between palings. This is a normal occurrence and does not impact the strength or security of the structure.

Lapped Paling Fence

lapped hardwood paling

Lapped paling fencing consists of two layers of palings that overlap each other. This design helps to minimize gaps between the panels, providing a high level of privacy. It has a similar appearance to standard paling fencing, featuring a simple design that can complement various property styles.

Lapped and Capped Fence

Lapped and capped fencing is a type of fence design that features a rim or cap along the top of a lapped paling fence. This design provides a clean and finished look to the fence. The top horizontal palings of the fence fit snugly together, creating a neat and seamless appearance. This design not only eliminates any gaps in the fence but also adds extra strength and durability to the overall structure.

Integrated Pine Fencing with Steel Posts

pine timber fencing with steel posts

Regular timber fencing is strengthened by incorporating galvanized steel posts.

This product combines the appearance of a timber fence with the durability of steel. By using steel posts, the fence gains enhanced strength and longevity compared to traditional wooden fences. Unlike wood, steel does not rot over time and is resistant to termite damage.

Steel fences offer long-term security and durability, as they do not split, warp, or twist like timber fences. When it comes time to replace the fence, you can easily unscrew the old timber and attach new palings to the existing steel posts. This makes maintenance and future replacements hassle-free.

This gives you the look of a timber fence but added strength of steel. Using steel posts can increase the longevity of the fence since it won’t rot over time and can’t be damaged by termites.

Slat Screens

slat screens timber

Versatile timber slat screens for property division or fencing purposes.

Enhance the visual allure of your home’s exterior design with their sleek and contemporary appearance.

Timber slats can be arranged in various orientations, including vertically, horizontally, or at an angle.

Slat fencing is a type of fence that features larger, evenly spaced gaps between panels, allowing you to create divisions without completely cutting off the spaces from each other. It is commonly constructed using steel posts, which can be powder coated in the color of your preference.


timber fencing and gates

A timber gate can be seamlessly incorporated into your fence, creating a consistent appearance. These gates can be designed in various styles to complement your fence and can be either single access for pedestrians or larger gates for vehicles. Typically, a timber gate is installed on a galvanized steel frame and comes with different types of hinges and latches, depending on the desired level of security.

Colonial Fencing

Colonial fencing adds a touch of traditional charm and decorative appeal to property boundaries. It encompasses various styles, including picket fences and lattice-topped fences, which feature intricate designs and a smooth finish. These fences create a classic and elegant look that enhances the overall aesthetic of the property.

Lattice-topped fences combine lapped fencing with a decorative lattice pattern on top, while colonial fences are typically painted rather than stained for a classic appearance.

Looking for timber fencing options for your property? Our team of experienced experts is here to assist you. With years of installation experience, we can help you find the perfect style that meets your needs. Whether it’s budget-friendly options or privacy-enhancing designs, we can recommend the right materials and construction choices for you.

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